What you need.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on what you need. What’s the difference between a proofread and a copyedit? Below, you’ll find full descriptions of services offerings to help you identify your need.

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$10.00 (USD) per 1,000 words
(Single pass only. Second editing pass: 50% extra.)

Consider this your quality control check and the final step before publication. Proofreading addresses spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, word usage, and provides some basic fact checking. Give your writing a nice little spit polish!

Copyediting/Content Editing

$15.00 (USD) per 1,000 words
(Single pass only. Second editing pass: 50% extra. )

​​A full copyedit includes proofreading, but also addresses things such as flow, clarity, sentence structure, consistency, and more. Make your project the best it can be!

Developmental Editing

Rates will vary.

Do you feel like your project lacks something? Need a little help with the overall structure or finding the right direction? If you’re looking for more of a collaboration than a critique, then a developmental edit may be just what you need.

Beta Reading/Critique

$2.00 (USD) per 1,000 words

“The end” . . . what a great feeling! But before you submit it to your editor, that thing needs some solid feedback. A good beta read/critique can give you that outside perspective and help identify any sticking points or areas that need a bit more oomph.

Free Sample Edit

FREE up to 1,000 words

Curious about my editing style? You can absolutely request a free sample edit. Fill out the “Contact Me” form below to arrange your sample! I will request your work be submitted in a Word document, double spaced, and the selection should comprise no more than 50% of the total composition.

Pricing rounded to the nearest thousand words.

​All prices are listed in U.S. dollars (USD). Pricing may vary slightly depending upon complexity. A written quote and editing contract will be provided prior to service. A 50% deposit is required for projects over $200, balance payable upon completion. Services charges, conversion fees, or other bank fees may apply, as determined by your financial institution. Payment can be made through PayPal or direct bank transfer. No refunds for complete work.

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