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“​Ron [Morgan] at Mannison Press puts the PRO in professional editing. He has an eye for line edits, but also a heart to understand the text from a reader’s perspective. He goes the extra mile (even fact checking!) to ensure that your writing will have the effect you want it to. His prices are reasonable and he delivers in a timely manner. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

​TJ Burdick, founder of inkd.co (May 2020)

“​​This was my first experience hiring a professional beta reader for a manuscript and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! Ron was very thorough in explaining the process of beta reading and what to expect, so I knew exactly the scope of what was being done. When the critique was presented to me, his analysis was honest and direct, which gave me a great touching point from which to reexamine my own work with less bias. In addition, Ron went above and beyond to help me understand editing and formatting best practices and is readily available to answer any questions I have about the critique. I highly recommend that all writers hire a professional beta reader, especially if it’s Ron Linson.”

Rhiannon Lotze (Jan 2020)

“​​My MS really shines after sending it to Morgan! After reading the edits, I had a couple places where I questioned my own clarity and asked him to take a second look. He was very accommodating on making sure all my questions were answered before considering his job done. Highly recommend!”

Erin Pickett (Oct 2019)

“​​Rather than having me toss the manuscript their way and giving silence, Mannison kept me informed of the process and asked questions throughout. I had specific needs for this edit, and they ensured these were being met before sending me the final copy.

Hailey Piper​ (Aug 2019)

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